Hi! I am Ina. The Founder and Creative Director here at The Visioner Co.


am a Mindset and Business Coach, Personal Brand Strategist and a practical dreamer with a big vision. I've been designing and teaching how to build personal brands and websites for the past 12 years. I had the privilege to work with starts up businesses all the way to Blue Chip companies, designing 5 figure websites, helping them to execute their vision through strong brand strategy and structuring their sites for scalability.

But it wasn’t always smooth sailing. I definitely experienced a love-hate relationship with my business, I had it all, I lost it all and I had to start again. I was exposed, on many occasions to a battle with inauthentic brands who used my vulnerability just to get more money out of me.

My experience taught me that building a brand doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive. Therefore my mission is to help and support visionary female entrepreneurs who are just getting started in business. So if you're ready to learn how to create your own authentic brand, I am here to support you in your hustle so together we can create a better world we live in.

I am a great believer that everybody deserves to get a chance to dream big and build a business without spending thousands of $$$ when just getting started. Therefore I want to help you feel empowered and get inspired to celebrate your unique qualities, find your voice and create a business that gives you the freedom to do what you love. There will never be a perfect moment to get started as is the present time. So start with what you have and celebrate the unique, beautiful you.

How I got started

My inspiration for design started when I was a little girl. I loved nothing more than to make and create things and watch my architect father bring his visions into reality through his drawings. Now I combine the creativity I learnt from my father and the passion to help others from my mother to create an authentic and meaningful business where I can help other entrepreneurs with valuable knowledge, soul-aligned design and meaningful and effective solutions that provide you with a platform from which you can grow your amazing business.  

My Manifesto

Values that empower me to do more in life


Be honest, be real, be open and make decisions that align with my mission.


Be committed in heart and mind to empower others through meaningful design and education.


Reach beyond boundaries, experiment and create simple yet timeless solutions to inspire the world.


Pause for a moment and try to see the world through the eyes of others.